Mario „Swing Daddy“ Robau (USA)

Mario „Swing Daddy“ Robau started dancing at the age of sixteen. He won the Southwest Regional title for the first time at the age of seventeen and began teaching professionally in 1986. For the last twenty years, Mario has traveled at least 40 weekends per year judging, teaching, deejaying, and emceeing at various dance workshops and conventions throughout the United States and Canada in the swing, country western, and shag dance circuits. Mario’s Competitive credentials include: 2 time U.S. Open Classic swing dance champion; U.S. Open Team Champion and co-choreographer; 10 time Dallas Dance champion; 6 time Southwest Regional champion; 10 time Texas State champion; 10+ City Houston Championships; undefeated slow whip champion; 4 time Grand National Champion; 2 time Phoenix Jack and Jill Champion; Dallas Dance Hall of Fame; Youngest person inducted into Swing Dance Hall of Fame

Stephanie Mcpherson Robau (USA)

Stephanie McPherson-Robau is a 4 time UCWDC World Champion, twice in the Master’s Division (the highest level of competition offered in the UCWDC) and twice in Division 1.

No one in Houston has won more titles in this field. She has coached and taken at least 10 of her Pro-Am students to earn their own UCWDC World Championship Titles at their respective levels. Classically trained in Ballroom and Latin, Stephanie has incredible knowledge of dance technique in ALL dances, not just WCS.

Melanie Stocker-Bucher (Switzerland)

Melanie started dancing 30 years ago. Doing Ballroom and Latin she switched quite quickly to Swing, followed by Rock-n-Roll, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Charleston and West Coast Swing at the end.  She took part in more than 120 competitions and earned mostly podium level. In the divisions of partner dance and formation dance of Crazy Darts she is champion of 5 Suiss, 4 European and 3 World Championships in Boogie Woogie.

In 2013 she earned the Frankie Manning Award for special merits in Swing.

Since 1991 she has traveled throughout the world teaching, advising and choreographing Rock-n-Roll and Boogie Formations, Lindy Hop and Charleston Shows, Line Dance and Solo Dancers. She was one of the first trainers who introduced West Coast Swing to the european Swing dancers.